Send us an email to (for questions about the game "Betcha Mr.Moo Quiz") or to . We are glad about suggestions, tips and opinions and try to answer every e-mail. Please note that only e-mails are answered that do not contain any questions listed in the FAQs.

The required Android version is 4.0 or higher. For an optimal playing experience, your smartphone should have at least 1GB of RAM and a HD resolution. The app "Betcha Mr.Moo Quiz" requires iOS 7.0 or higher. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Optimized is the app with iOS for the iPhone 5, 6 / 6Plus and 7 / 7Plus

When you log out of the game or re-install the game, you need a password to log in again with your user name. You can request this password by e-mail. If your e-mail address is not a valid e-mail address, we can not help you. In this case you have to create a new account. Your email address is also important so that we can send you a message in case of a profit at the "Dollars of the month" or "Betting against Mr. Moo" to deliver your price to an address. If you are a winner and do not have an e-mail address, we can not supply the price.

In the menu "My profile" then under "My data". Here you can see all information about your account. You can also change your username and e-mail address here. As soon as you click on the "Save changes" button, all changes are saved and valid.

In the menu "My profile" then under "My data". Here you can see all information about your account. You can also change your username and e-mail address here. As soon as you click on the "Save changes" button, all changes are saved and valid.

In the menu "My profile" then under "My data". Here you can see all information about your account. You can also change your username and e-mail address here. As soon as you click on the "Save changes" button, all changes are saved and valid.

On your Android smartphone:
If you do not receive any notifications, it may be that you use an old Android smartphone or that you have to activate the notifications in the Android settings. How exactly does it work here:

So that you can receive notifications or important notifications in the game of "Betcha Mr.Moo Quiz" - and therefore no challenge or updates missed - open the settings in your smartphone. Then click on "General" and there on "Application Manager". Here, under "Installed Apps", you can tap on the app "Betcha Mr.Moo Quiz". Now you are in the "App-Info" menu. Here is a field "Show notifications". In this field, you only have to set a checkmark. Now you will receive all notifications from "Betcha Mr.Moo Quiz" and you can experience the game to the fullest.

On your iPhone:
Tap "Settings" on the Home screen. Then tap "Messages". Scroll down to the app "Betcha Mr.Moo Quiz". Tap the icon and activate all notifications. Now you receive all notifications from "Betcha Mr.Moo Quiz - Quizze bet" and can experience the game to its fullest.

On your Android smartphone:
Once you reactivate your Google account on your new Android smartphone, you will be able to download the app "Betcha Mr.Moo Quiz" again from the Google Play Store. Your purchases are deposited with your account. Thus the premium version of "Betcha Mr.Moo Quiz" should be installed again on your smartphone. Even after an update or restart your smartphone it is the same way as described above. Everything is related to your Google account.

On your iPhone:
As soon as you have activated your Apple ID on your new iPhone, you are once again inviting the app "Betcha Mr.Moo Quiz" from the Apple App Store or you can go there under "Purchases". There is the app "Betcha Mr.Moo Quiz" with listed. Now you just reinstall it. Your Apple ID contains your purchases. Thus the premium version of "Betcha Mr.Moo Quiz" should be installed again on your smartphone.

In the Game

Before you can start a game, the slot machine selects the categories from which you are then asked questions. To activate the slot machine, simply press the lever on the right side. The first slot is free. If you want to use the slotmachine again, then click on "again 5 Coins" - you will then be deducted 5 coins and the categories will be randomly selected again. If you want to play in the selected categories, simply tap "Start game".

A betchallenge is like a duel. The difference: You create a challenge that other players can accept. You choose how many coins your challenge is worth. Then you will get 3 questions from 3 random questions. If a player receives your call, he can do so only if he has the amount of coins that are worth your challenge. If he loses the challenge, you will receive his coins. If you lose the challenge, he gets your coins.

If you have a challenge against Mr. Moo and have all three answers correct (3 answers), you are in the selection of the possible monthly winner and have the chance to a cool prize. In this case, please enter your email address in your account so that we can notify you in case of a profit and send you your prize.

You can preview the question that your opponent gets. You can see his answer possibilities by clicking on the golden button "The answers". Decide whether to create it or not and type "yes" or "no". Once you have decided, you can bet any amount from $ 100 to $ 600 against or against your opponent. You have 10 seconds to make this decision. Click on the button "Let's play!" And your betting bet is made.

You can bet $ 100 to $ 600 against or against your opponent. For example, if you wagered $ 600 against your opponent and you were right with your assessment, you'll be credited with $ 600 on your virtual dollar account. For example, if you have $ 1000 and bet on your opponent with $ 600, the new amount would be $ 1600 on your virtual dollar account. But if you lose $ 600 by a wrong assessment of your opponent, you would have only $ 400 on your virtual dollar account from the $ 1000. You can also go down with your virtual fortune, if you have highly valued yourself or could not answer the question correctly.

You tap on "Your last 10 recent games" and tap the "Details" button. Here you can see how the game went out and can also challenge your opponent. To do this, just tap the "again" button.

In the menu "My profile" then under "My data". You can change your e-mail address here. As soon as you click on the "Save changes" button, your new e-mail address is active. This is then also valid for your login.

The countdown continues to zero. The opponent, who no longer plays or makes his inputs too late, loses the game and does not win any dollars or points.

On any question above is the amount you get when you answer this question correctly. The questions have a value of $ 100 to $ 600. If you answer them incorrectly, you must pay the full amount of your virtual assets to the virtual bank. If you answer the questions correctly, you will win the amount above.

You can also just answer for yourself. To do this, tap on the button "warm-up training" in the menu "Start your game". If you have 50 questions answered, you will get $ 100. You can really get away from it all and train yourself cunningly and "richly".

There are 14 categories: Geography, Art, Society & Leisure, Business & Finance, Film & Music, Literature, Sports & Medicine, Natural Sciences, History, Technology, Politics & Law, Philosophy, Religion & Mythology and Mathematics

Virtual dollar account, points, ranking lists

Through successful bets and through correctly answered questions you can increase your virtual assets quickly.

The more questions you answer with "Coach you richly", you win the more dollar. These are credited your dollar account which affects again your ranking in the category "Dollar king". With 50 properly answered questions you get 100$. Here so you can properly let off steam and coach yourself smartly and "richly".

Online and Offline Game

In "Betcha Mr.Moo Quiz" the opponent does not necessarily have to be online at the same time as you. In the following the two game variants are explained.

Online game:
You and your opponent are both online and play against each other at the same time. Everyone gets a question in turn and then the question of the opponent on which a bet is concluded. If all 6 rounds are finished, the game will be played at the end.

Offline game:
You can also send your opponent a challenge when it is offline. You challenge your opponent by clicking the button "Duel!" As in the online game. Now you get a message that your opponent is offline, but you can start your game already. Tap "Begin". Now you will receive your question and the question of your opponent on which you bet a bet - as in the online game, only that the interim evaluation does not take place. If you have mastered all three questions from you and put all bets on your opponent, you will be notified that your game is over and your opponent is informed.

As soon as your opponent is online, he will be notified that you have challenged him. He can accept the duel or reject it. If he accepts it, he gets his questions - on which you have previously made a bet - and your questions, on which he now makes a bet. If he has mastered all the questions, as before, the game evaluation appears. If you are not in the app, you will see a message on your smartphone that your opponent has finished the turn. If you tap on it, the app will open. How the game went out, you can then look at "My past games". If you are online with the app, this message appears in the app. Now you can decide whether you want to watch the game review later or immediately immediately.

Friends and Social Networking

In the first menu, which appears after launching the app, tap the "Invite Friends" button. Now you can choose which way you want to invite your friends. Tap on the respective button and the rest is explained by itself.

In the game menu, click "Start New Game", then click "My Friends". Under the user picture of your friends are always two buttons "Duel!" And "Delete". Tap "Delete" and the friend we removed from the friend list.

Open the app "Betcha Mr.Moo Quiz" first. Touch the Icon icon in the upper right corner. In the menu, tap "My Profile". There you can tap "My Connections". Behind the Facebook icon is a button "connect" / "disconnect". Tap on the respective button.


The currency in the game are the coins. You can buy coins from the main menu. You get 5 Coins for free. With these 5 Coins, you can buy a double raise, a dollar joker or a free ticket.


You can use the dollar joker if you are at the end of a game with your virtual dollar in the minus. This is immediately compensated and set to zero. You make no loss.

You can use the wild card if your virtual dollar account has fallen into the negative. For example, if you have $ 3,000 you can earn your free money with your own coins and your virtual dollar account is immediately set to zero. You start as it were at the beginning, when you had the app again.

Game evaluation

The gold-filled cats stand for a successful bet or a correct answer.

If you have a Raiser, this is marked in the game evaluation with the stamp.


You will be given various tasks to the individual trophies that you can achieve through successful bets, correct answers to questions, and accumulated virtual assets. You can also get trophies when you master different challenges. Tap the trophy and you will get a detailed description of the task you need to master to win the trophy.

You can win your Trophy after you receive it at Facebook. To do this, tap "Share" on the message. Now this message appears in your Facebook Timeline. The prerequisite for this is that you have linked the app to Facebook. How this works can be read above under "Friends and Social Networking". If you have not joined yet, and would like to share your trophy with Facebook, you can also connect your Facebook account to the app directly in a login screen.